We live by our own standard of beauty and not anyone else’s.

Working out is a part of our self care routine.

Our goal is to just look good naked, relieve stress, tone,

and flex what God gave us.

We make fitness fun and strive to take small steps

towards becoming a stronger healthier you.

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Mission Slim-Possible

Make the commitment to put yourself first and take charge of your health with our 8 week Mission Slim-Possible programs.

Expect three workouts a week, bi-Weekly check in surveys, weekly challenges and prizes, healthy habit training, virtual and in person sessions, 24-7 training access and support, and daily accountability messages.

We offer sessions starting in February, April, July, and September.

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Self Care

Enhance Your Health Class Pass 

Drop in via Zoom or In-Person to any of Jaliyla T’s small group session classes 
5 Classes for $99.0010 Classes for $179.00Class packs are Valid for 60 Days from the date of purchaseClass Passes can be used on any HIIT, Mini bands, or dumbbells class

Self Care Academy $197.00

Access to 20 On Demand Videos that give you loads of tips towards increasing your self care and live a healthier happier life. Topics include:*Setting realistic expectations & Re-aligning your diet to match*The Importance of Drinking Water*How to add more movement into your daily routine
*Time/Stress Management Tips for Weight Loss Success*Combating Long term Sitting & how it affects our body*How to eat out and smash your weight loss goals*Feeling Sluggish? Tips to Increase your Energy Levels*Tips & Tricks to Increase your Water Intake
*IMaking Self Care a Priority: Tips to achieving Work-Life Balance*Carbs/Sweets/Snacks- What exactly does it mean to eat them in moderation*Healthier Sweet & Salty Snack Ideas*Meal Prep Tips & Tricks*Meal Planning from A to Z*Stretching for Joint & Muscle Health*Carbs, Sweets, & Snacking Tips*Weight Loss Planning & Maintenance Tips*Got Cravings? Tips to curve that sweet tooth like a boss*Food labels 101 *I need more Sleep! Tips to help you turn your brain off so you can rest*The Importance of Stretching & Muscle Recovery*My scale isn’t moving: How to achieve a caloric deficit & build lean muscle mass

My Story

Ultimately, I am motivated by my vision and desire to make a grand impact on this world and to break generational curses that have impacted my family, the African American community, and specifically women.  70 percent of the people in my family have health issues that are caused by obesity and a lack of education on how to be healthy. This continues to be a challenge and problem in many black families and oftentimes the women suffer the most when trying to take care of the ones they love. As a result, their own health can be overlooked and neglected. I am passionate because I myself have always been in a constant battle with trying to manage my weight, metabolism, mental health, and others.  I realized that through movement and small changes I could actually manage it all. I started to  feel better, look better, and most importantly grow stronger mentally and physically. I knew I was not going to be an IG model or a body builder, I just wanted to be healthy, that’s it. When I looked for trainers I couldn’t find very many that were relatable and I knew there had to be other women that were just like me. So my goal became to help women like me learn to infuse healthier habits into their daily routine, make movement a priority, and teach them to give themselves permission to take time out for self-care. I want to equip them with the tools to manage their time, responsibilities, and their health overall so that they can enjoy a healthier and more confident life. In a world full of superficial theologies I want to help them achieve the best version of themselves, embrace who they are and adapt a new confidence and strength to support their families. I Just Want To Be Healthy provides support, workouts, accountability, education, and a safe space for women to relieve stress while having fun. We focus on helping every woman understand that working out is just one of the many ways you can show love to your body and your best you shows up when you are healthy and happy.

Personal Training

Train in small group sessions on evenings and weekends, 3-5 days a week. Your first two workout and health assessments are free! These are specific to women ages 35-65.

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