Self Care

Enhance Your Health Class Pass 

Drop in via Zoom or In-Person to any of Jaliyla T’s small group session classes 
5 Classes for $99.0010 Classes for $179.00Class packs are Valid for 60 Days from the date of purchaseClass Passes can be used on any HIIT, Mini bands, or dumbbells class

Self Care Academy $197.00

Access to 20 On Demand Videos that give you loads of tips towards increasing your self care and live a healthier happier life. Topics include:*Setting realistic expectations & Re-aligning your diet to match*The Importance of Drinking Water*How to add more movement into your daily routine
*Time/Stress Management Tips for Weight Loss Success*Combating Long term Sitting & how it affects our body*How to eat out and smash your weight loss goals*Feeling Sluggish? Tips to Increase your Energy Levels*Tips & Tricks to Increase your Water Intake
*IMaking Self Care a Priority: Tips to achieving Work-Life Balance*Carbs/Sweets/Snacks- What exactly does it mean to eat them in moderation*Healthier Sweet & Salty Snack Ideas*Meal Prep Tips & Tricks*Meal Planning from A to Z*Stretching for Joint & Muscle Health*Carbs, Sweets, & Snacking Tips*Weight Loss Planning & Maintenance Tips*Got Cravings? Tips to curve that sweet tooth like a boss*Food labels 101 *I need more Sleep! Tips to help you turn your brain off so you can rest*The Importance of Stretching & Muscle Recovery*My scale isn’t moving: How to achieve a caloric deficit & build lean muscle mass